Range Of Bmw I 3 Electric Car. Now, it's simply another electric car available to U. Sure, that may be a high price for a compact.

2016 BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender review review | Autocar
2016 BMW i3 94Ah Range Extender review review | Autocar (Pauline Buchanan)

Official EPA figures are not available yet, but. Will's on a quest to to find a new car, and is considering an all-electric vehicle. While many electric and hybrid vehicles opt for massive screens with touch functionality and an overabundance of.

It's fast, fun to drive, looks odd and has an interior like a Manhattan loft.

Peter Miles, Head of Electric Vehicle Strategy and Operations at BMW of North America, stressed the concept of "purpose built," meaning that these cars are made And with an automaker as formidable as BMW entering the electric vehicle market, others are likely to follow.

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BMW's first all-electric vehicle changes the way the world sees electric mobility – and how you experience. But after putting in a car seat and taking. We're living with BMW's futuristic electric city car for two years.

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